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At Home Body Weight Programme

If you train at home rather than in a gym, if you are a busy mum, a professional working long hours or you travel for work, then is this is a perfect programme for you. The At Home Body Weight Programme is a 4-week programme designed to introduce beginners to strength and conditioning. This will help develop confidence with training before entering the gym.

As this is a body weight programme there is no equipment required for any of the exercises you will be completing. The programme covers all body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, plank etc.

Body Weight Strength and Cardio Programme

This is the ideal programme for those who are unable to get to the gym or are planning a return to the gym after a prolonged break. This programme has 6 sessions programmed per week, 3 cardio sessions followed by 3 strength sessions. These can be completed over 3 days or can be pulled out over 6 days if you are short on time. The programme consists of various warm-ups, speed improvement drills and cardio options. This programme will give an athlete something to work towards before levelling up and getting back to the gym.

Year-Round Bodybuilding Programme

The programme is designed to introduce potential athletes to what a year of true bodybuilding would look like. This is an all-encompassing 5-day, programme that begins with moderate volume to acclimatise the athlete to this type of training. The volume and intensity build gradually over the year building the cardio and volume of lifts into the optimal levels needed for functional hypertrophy and to support the changes required in body composition pre-comp. No nutrition element included in this programme (contact me directly for nutritional programming)

The programme is broken down and delivered in 13, 4-week phases.

Year-Round Fat Loss Programme

The is the perfect programme for the general gym user who is looking at losing weight and burning fat. The programme will comprise of 13, 4-week phases, with all training sessions included. Each training week will consist of a combination of strength and cardio work.

This is NOT a ‘transformation’ programme, this programme is designed to teach you long term training habits which yield sustainable results.

No nutrition element included.

This is a 4-week programme designed to introduce beginners to the world of strength training. The programme will teach you the fundamentals of strength training and will include all lifting protocols. All training sessions will be included in the programme.

This is the perfect introductory programme to advance your training and will act as a entry level programme for all other programmes.

You will need access to a gym to complete this programme.

No-Gym Membership Required

At Home Body Weight
At Home Strength & Cardio

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Year-Round Bodybuilding
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