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Providing Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Support to Athletes, Teams and Schools

If you are an athlete who is looking to improve your match performance, then we can build you a tailor-made training programme to help you achieve your goals. This service is perfect for both individual athletes, individual team members and teams and clubs who are playing at amateur and semi-professional level. All our programmes will encompass speed, strength and power development and will use athletic profiling and testing to monitor your progress.

We have experience working with a wide range of teams, team members and individual athletes who are working towards improving their performance to move up through teams or rankings. Each programme that we design is sport specific so that you are getting a targeted training programme that will help you excel in your chosen sport.

As athletes we all know that nutrition and performance are integral to one another when it comes to optimal performance. Here at MB Strength and Conditioning we are not only highly experienced in delivering strength and conditioning coaching, but we are also certified Sports Nutrition Coaches, this enables us to offer a holistic approach to our training and programming.

MB Strength & Conditioning

MB Strength and Conditioning are based in Northern Ireland and specialise in working with teams and athletes across a wide range of sports and disciplines. Mike, the head coach is passionate about working with athletes to ensure that they achieve their goals with the correct programming and ongoing support. Check out our testimonials to see what our clients think about us and to see our proven track record of working with a range of high performing athletes.

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School Athletes

(across rugby, cricket, hockey, netball and football)


Individual Athletes

(swimmers, triathletes, badminton and tennis players)



(netball, rugby, football and hockey)

*currently preparing Netball NI for the Commonwealth and World Cup qualifying test matches.

Who Is Mike?

Mike is a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach with over 7 years’ experience working with a wide range of high performing athletes. He has recently completed a MSc in Sports Performance and Coaching and is a certified Sports Nutritionist and Speed Coach with the National Sports Performance Association.

Not only is Mike passionate about working with athletes to achieve their goals, he also sets plenty of goals of his own. He has been a previous Ironman competitor and is currently training for an Ironman competition in early 2021, he also regularly plays both rugby and cricket and works through his own training phases to prepare for in season of both sports. So, no matter what your sport or discipline you know that you will be in the right hands when it comes to programming your training with Mike.

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“Mike has been great since he came on board with netball NI as the team builds towards qualification for the commonwealth games 2022. The squad is made up of athletes of varying levels of experience in strength and conditioning so mike has tailored the programmes in order to develop and push each player. He is a really enthusiastic guy and works hard to get the best out of his athletes”

Caroline O’Hanlon

Netball NI Captain

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