Another month in the bag, another month of hopefully getting better at this blogging and also to top it off the start of various lock-downs for many of us. Not to worry though there are still plenty of training options available to us and I will give you a few tips and a handy discount code to our at home program. But before we get to that, here is a quick run through of what we have been getting up to….

Its been great getting to launch this new online service and I have been overwhelmed by the support so thank you. As with most of the teams I coach its been a tough time, with training schedules and match schedules changing almost weekly at this stage, so the key word for me this month has been ADAPT, fortunately I work with with some pretty awesome athletes, teams and clients who are willing to adapt with me and our coaching programs. As we move up and down the levels of Covid (hopefully soon we wont be mentioning COVID) as have our programs had to adjust. But its been great to see the positive progress the athletes have made over this tough time and the amount of discipline shown by them, cause lets face it motivation during this time can be fleeting and hard to come by. We have our plans and programs in place for everyone and we will come out the other side of this stronger, faster, fitter and more resilient than before. Watch this space 🙂

Now lets talk about how you are gonna come out of this lockdown in better physical shape than you where when you went…….

There are a lot of ways we can still keep ourselves fit and strong at home. Yes there is the standard lets go out and run the roads or cycle or if you are brave enough that cold open water swim. But there are other ways to keep those pre lock-down gains and improve on them. Using things like tempo training (e.g. Push Up 3 seconds to lower yourself and 1 second to push up and repeat) another option you can use and one I am really enjoying at the minute is using Isometric training, which is an exercise involving muscular contractions without movement of the involved parts of the body. (e.g. Isometric deadlift with a towel, stand on the towel in a deadlift position, and pull on the towel trying to straighten your legs for a period of time 10-15 secs then rest and do another set) This is a great way of gaining strength without the use of traditional resistance equipment. Another handy and relatively cheap way of adding resistance is by getting yourself a set of resistance bands and adding them to your workout, BLK Box do an awesome set of bands if you are interested. The last option of many is that you can try and add weight to your body-weight movements by using things like backpacks, sandbags or any other way form of weight. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the types of things that can help you increase those gains you made.

If you are looking for a structured at home program here is 50% off at home program incorporating all of the things mentioned above use the code HOMEGYM50. If your gyms are still open here is a 25% discount to all the programs we have available, get yourself a plan and I promise you will be better off for it. Use the code GYMPROGRAM25.


Healthy Porridge Bowl

HERE is a super tasty, quick and easy breakfast for you to have a go at! I have tried it and other versions of this and they are YUM!



Give this awesome conditioning session a go. Let me know what you think?

Thanks again for the awesome support and feedback. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with or if there is anything you would like me to discuss/share on here.

Chat again soon.


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