This month has been a great month, getting back to some kind of normality post the Covid summer. It’s been fantastic having athletes back in the gym and makes a nice change of scenery to looking into living rooms and garages via zoom/FaceTime sessions. With athletes back in the gym and being able to coach in person again has really reinvigorated the athletes and they are working harder than ever.

All my athletes before we even got back to in person coaching where on a return to play program, this program aimed to get the athletes moving and grooving again after what was a very sedentary few months, the key here was to make sure when we went full bells and whistles everyone stayed injury free. On top of this we have also had a lot of team/athlete testing days to see where they are all at physically so that we can start moving towards competition.

On a personal note, I launched new online coaching programs for every type of athlete and gym user, so if you haven’t check it out please do check out the programmes by clicking here now. The programmes are both online and in-person coaching, available for teams, athletes and the everyday athlete. A few examples of the programmes available:






Try this tasty dish! Perfect for that athlete diet. Jamie Oliver does come up with some crackers! Have made this a couple of times and it is delicious.

Click here to see this beautiful sesame butterflied chicken recipe


As this blog develops we will keep adding various workouts and recipes. If you need a hand with anything please do reach out. More than happy to chat and help if I can.

Have an awesome month! Keep in touch and let me know how the training goes!

Till next time.

Coach Mike

Published On: October 2nd, 2020 / Categories: Nutrition, Roundup /

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